Moscow Metro as Moving Museum

Image courtesy of Ria Novosti

Museums in Moscow are employing the aggressive tactics of advertisers to bring art into public spaces.

For years advertisers have been looking for new ways to get our attention as we move through cities. For us consumers, it can be exhuasting to block out all of the attempts to influence our brand loyalties and buying behavior. Ads are plastered on every wall, floor and ceiling – every taxi cab, every bus and, of course in the subway. In one special train in the Moscow metro system, however, there are some oddly beautiful ads going up.

Reproductions of watercolors by Mikhail Vrubel, Karl Brullov, Kazimir Malevich and a number of other influential artists are on display, courtesy of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the project at RT:

“This is the fifth launch of the Watercolor train – the first one was introduced in 2007. Since May 2009 the train-gallery displayed masterpieces from the St Petersburg-based Russian Museum. In 2010 it was decorated with works from the collection of Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. […] This year’s display coincides with the 77th anniversary of the Moscow Metro.”