Kugach, Kugach, Kugach


“Thoughtful Woman” – Yuri Kugach 1956

Later this month, American University’s Katzen Arts Center will be holding an exhibition of paintings by Yuri Kugach and five of his relatives. Three generations of the Kugach family will be featured in the show, including his wife, son, nephew, and grandchildren.

Yuri Kugach is one of the premier 20th century Russian Realist painters. He is known in Russia and around the world for his paintings of the Russian countryside. He received the USSR’s highest honors for his work, taught at the Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow, and founded the Moscow River School.

Yuri met his wife Olga Svetlechnaya as a student at the Surikov institute. He was deeply impressed with her work, and has praised her as the family’s most talented painter. Their son, Mikhail Kugach recalled that his father worked to become an established painter in order to free his wife from concern for money or fame, and allow her to focus on developing her talent.

Mikhail Kugach is an important figure in Russian painting in his own right. He is Chairman of the Russian Artists Union, President of the Moscow River School, and Director of the Moscow Arts Institute.

Nikita Fedosov, Olga Svetlechnaya’s nephew, is one of Russia’s most loved painters, and Yuri’s grandchildren, Ivan and Ekaterina, are accomplished painters and teachers.

Lazare gallery has had a long relationship with the Kugach family and will be sending work to the show.

“Kugach, Kugach, Kugach – Three Generations of Russian Artists” will run through March 15th.

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