Russians and Germans: 1000 Years of Art, History and Culture

Standing Portrait of Catherine II, 1775/1780*

The Neues Museum in Berlin is holding a major exhibition celebrating the long history of cultural exchange between Russia and Germany. A write-up in The Art Newspaper calls it, ” an obvious example of “soft” diplomacy […] ‘powered’, as its publicity has it, by E.ON Ruhrgas, Europe’s biggest client of the Russian company, Gazprom.” Regardless of any shrewd motivations, the show promises to assemble some very significant work from major museums in both countries. It should definitely be worth a trip if you’re in the area. 

Russians and Germans opens on Saturday, October 6th and will run through Sunday, January 13th 2013.  

*Used with permission of the Neues Museum, Berlin. 


Author: Barry O'Keefe

Artist/printmaker from Richmond, Va

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