Nikolai Fechin at The Museum of Russian Art

Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya – Nikolai Fechin 1914*

A new exhibition of Nikolai Fechin‘s work is going up at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis. A student of Ilya Repin at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Fechin won a Prix de Rome, travelled through Europe and America and eventually immigrated in 1923. He lived briefly in New York, but spent most of his life in the US in New Mexico. There he became fascinated with Native American culture, which became a central subject in his work. In his later years his work became increasingly decorative and fanciful, but the strength of his education always shines through. Fechin is a very interesting example of an Itinerant transplanted to American soil.

Discovering 20th Century Russian Masters: Nikolai Fechin will run from August 25th to January 20th.

*image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 


Author: Barry O'Keefe

Artist/printmaker from Richmond, Va

One thought on “Nikolai Fechin at The Museum of Russian Art”

  1. The odds that one of the Itinerants would have ended up painting Native American influenced themes in New Mexico–one of my favorite places, by the way–seem very fantastical to me. This should be a great exhibition.

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