Nikolai Borisovich Terpsikhorov

“Winter Scenery with Farm between Trees ” – Nikolai Borisovich Terpsikhorov 1928

From September 13 to October 16 the Springville Museum of Art in Utah will be exhibiting the work of Nikolai Borisovich Terpsikhorov.

Terpsikhorov was born in St. Petersburg in 1890. He studied art in Moscow at the Moscow Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (now the Surikov Institute of Art). Terpsikhorov fought for the Red Army in 1917 and was an active member of the Association of the Revolutionary Artists of Russia (AHHR). A short biography of Terpsikhorov at Sovcom tells us that he was a close adherent, ” of the AHHR ideology and aesthetics, whose works were dedicated to the military and revolutionary thematic, glorified ‘the happy childhood of the Soviet children’, ‘joys of peaceful life’ and reflected ‘the struggle against the survivals’.”

The biography goes on to say, however, that Terpsikorov’s landscapes transcend the socialist ideology that dominates his genre paintings and, “betray the realistic manner of the artist.” The Springville Museum is stressing the realist value of his work in their show. The exhibition website argues that while, ” most scholars have viewed him merely as Bloshevik partiinost painter. This view [diverts] attention from his thirty-five year career of outstanding aesthetic production in many genres including landscape. […] His artistic reputation as an AKhRR and Socialist Realist painter is now being positively reevaluated. Terpsikhorov will be placed among the leading Soviet artists of his day.”

You can read the full write up on the Terpsikhorov show here at the Springville Museum’s website.


Author: Barry O'Keefe

Artist/printmaker from Richmond, Va

2 thoughts on “Nikolai Borisovich Terpsikhorov”

  1. Hello. I don’t have time right now to look over your site extensively, but I’ll be back. I’m interested in Ivan Zolotuhin, especially his “March Sunlight” painting. I wish I could buy it (I saw it in an Art Gallery in Williamsburg, VA) but it costs $10,000, which I don’t have.

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